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Welcome to Ha Design

We are a design and marketing agency with a focus on helping you connect with your customers to deliver a high-quality service. With over five years of design and marketing experience, we can work together to grow your customer base and increase sales. 

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Logo & Branding

A brand is more than just your logo. A brand is how people view your company and remember it; it is how they will describe you to their friends. It is so much more than just an image and is argued to be the most important part of any company.


We can help you build a brand your target audience relates to and remembers for all the right reasons.

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Digital Design

Today, the digital world is more influential than ever. It allows a multitude of ways to easily and instantly connect with your audience on a regular basis. It is extremely important to develop the best possible customer journey at all times.


We can help develop a range of digital campaigns that target and engage your audience, resulting in an increase in sales. 

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Print Design

Whilst some see print design as a dying art, especially with the development of digital platforms, it can often be hard to use to your benefit. Print design can help push your brand to the next level, especially when used alongside other platforms. 

We can help create a range of printed assets to elevate your brand, especially when used as a starting point for customer journeys.

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Poodle Network UK

Poodle Network UK are a charity who hired me to help them rebrand and define their audience, whilst also requiring a redesign of their website. I have also worked to implement a social media strategy to help increase engagement, awareness, donations and applications. I have also worked closely with them to develop a range of exhibition and printed collateral for use throughout the UK.


I was approached by Gloodles originally to design a logo. This later developed into a request for the development of brand guidelines and a set of graphic templates they could use to promote their products. Finally, they also requested I design a range of packaging to suit their unique brand and bespoke craft ideas. 


Previous clients


"Incredible work, brilliant service and made the process very easy." - Julie, Gloodles

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